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Warm here this morning 37° with the high only going to 38°.  Should melt some of the snow.      

Upper 20s and mostly cloudy today.  Winter storm warnings starting 1:00AM Monday and lasting into Tuesday.  6"-10" of snow predicted.  

It's a good thing Canada put up that border wall! That'll keep it out.

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I would almost bet that this morning sets a new record high for the low morning temp, we are at 50º when the normal would be in the upper 20s. Light rain, and that is supposed to be an all day thing. We may get to the upper 50s today, and then back to the weather we usaully have.

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Great day yesterday.  Sunny upper 50s so yeah I spent the afternoon outside.  It felt so good to get out of the house and I wish that could happen one day a week all winter but I know better.  Still warm today but it is wet out there.  Rain off and on all day.

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We had a good shower about sundown today.  It is supposed to cool off starting Monday with highs about 60.  Lows are going to get down to about 40.  I hope it gets colder.  When we have winters like this, we have more hurricanes and they are stronger.  Let's keep our fingers crossed.  

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We didn't get as much rain as forecasted yesterday, but the wind was sure around to ruin everything. It was warm (56º) but now we moved toward where we should be. It's 36º this morning (still above average) but stays in the upper 30s today with some cloud cover. Gets colder the rest of the week.

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Rain coming tonight from the same system that brought snow and will continue to bring snow toward the northeast.  It appears that all of PA will get some snow.  After the rain, the winds pick up and bring down the day and night time highs.  Tomorrow high is about 60 and low on Tuesday morning is about 44 and winds of 16 mph.  65 forecast for Wednesday after another small chance of showers.  Then Thursday morning is supposed to be about 38.  More seasonal.  We had one freeze this year, but not enough to hurt much.  We need more cool temps to kill some of these bugs and weeds.  Carrots and bibb lettuce in the garden.  

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20ºthis morning, and since we haven't had a lot of this so far it feels cold! But it's mid December, so life goes on. But the claim is for a warmer end to the month; Mother Nature still having problems with Covid I guess (or dementia). Anyway, we may get 1" or so of snow tomorrow, but looking at the weather map it looks like Dan will get quite a bit more than that, and the said parts of western PA may get a foot. So my 1" doesn't look all that bad.

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Temperatures tonight supposed to be in the teens. This will be followed tomorrow night by a Nor Easter which, according to the weatherman will drop 10" to 15" of snow with winds 45 to 50 mph. This could mean deep drifts and power outages in sub freezing temps. Hoping for the best.#%$"#

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