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I've never responded to "weather" before. Where we live we may have had less than an inch of rain in 10 weeks. I'm not saying it didn't rain, we could see it raining hard several times 3 to 5 miles aw

Mid 30s with snow, rain, rain, snow, snow, snow, rain, snow.................  

The sun comes out in Antarctica as well. Still cold.

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Our evening local news showed that Indiana and Ohio will get some snow mixed with rain.  What a mess!  Take care up there.  No slip and falls, please!


Here in the western gate to the state of Florida, Gulf water temps are 70, night time lows about 60 and daytime highs about 75 or so.  It is tshirt comfortable.  Love this weather.  Chance of showers on Wednesday, but I'll be getting a couple of things I forgot to get at the market and just found my Kings rolls molded on the dining table.  So, shop for them as well.  

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 It looks like the snow/rain mix is in a few days. This morning it is raining and 45º, and looks to be raining all day. But it's dry (mostly) tomorrow, so Marie and I will have a quiet dinner to ourselves. This will be the first time ever I haven't been in a crowded house on Thanksgiving.

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