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...Reminds me of the time they had to close the plant a few years back. The people that lived in town called in saying they couldn't make it in to work. Four of us that live out in the count

...Get out of mine!

76° today. We really do have 4 seasons. It's just hard to see the differences. 

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Well, got up to thunder/lightning/heavy rain this morning. I guess it went on most of the night, and the rain was quite heavy at times. I won't know how much rain we got until it's light out but I suspect we may ahve got back to "average" for the month. Not only that, but it's 62º this morning which is very warm for us this time of year. We are supposed to get near 70 today, and the upper 70s tomorrow. I've said this before, I think Mother Nature has Covid, clearly things are out of wack!

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55º this morning, and we are supped to get near 80! We still haven't had a killing frost here (past due) and it looks like that will be the case for the next week or so. I'm still getting tomatoes, pretty nice ones actually. They normally get a little cracked and spotted near the end of the season, not this year.

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64º again this morning, and going to the 70s. Yesterday we actually hit 80 and it was just a spectacular day all-in-all.  This is more like late spring/early summer around here. But it ends this afternoon. A cold front is coming down front Larry's direction and should be here right around dinner time, creating some T storms and rain. After it passes the temps drop back to normal. I did see the latest NWS drought map, and despite getting over 3" of rain this week, we are still listed as "dry".

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Fred, I love my tomato sandwiches with some onion, cucumber with a couple leaves of lettuce, salt and pepper with both mayo and honey mustard.  Please don't forget to call just before it is ready or you can just put it all on the table I'll be happy to assemble it all myself.  LOL


Weather here is dry as is usual for October.  Great time to do roof work.  Or lawn work.  Highs about mid 80's and low to about 70 overnight.  Neighbors are from Omaha, Nebraska and we were talking about the difference in temps.  They love it here except for hurricanes.


We have the beaten leaves left by hurricane Sally.  Some trigs put on new leaves.  Even our azaleas are out of touch by putting on blooms that normally happen near the end of winter.  And, my fig tree has loaded up with fresh figs.  Even nature is confused with what is going on.  :-)

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The stuff's on the table Steve, stop by anytime. Well after a couple of really warm  days, this morning we are a little below normal....40º. It may get to 60 today, and may be sunny; we'll know more about this tomorrow. Yesterday what appeared to be a massive T-storm was coming at us, turned out to be a whole lot of noise, and a true downpour that lasted all of 15 minutes. Then the whole thing passed over and the temps dropped.

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Fred, thank you for your generous invitation.  If I ever should get up that way, I'll bring lunch.  I really appreciate that.


Well, this morning around 0600, light showers but by 0800, it was a drencher.  It reminded me of hurricane Sally without the wind.  Sun is now out and expected to be about 83.  Will get to about 70 by morning.  The rest of the week is expected to be about the same.  Hoping for a cold front to take some of this humidity and lower our temps.  

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