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We're forecast for wind chills of -35°. 

76° today. We really do have 4 seasons. It's just hard to see the differences. 

Get out of my wardrobe.  

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Another hot day. 98° with no clouds. 15% humidity. Forecast promises a drop into the mid to high 80s around the 25th. We had forgotten just how long and hot the season is down here on the desert floor. But, its a dry heat.:Hot:..and the winters are nice. :TwoThumbsUp:

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Pretty much the same this morning as yesterday, 37º and we are under a freeze warning. Yesterday we did have a frost ere at the house so some of our plants survived. I hope that's true again since it looks like about 10 days or so until the next frost threat. We had a very nice sunny day yesterday despite the coolness, and it will be again today. May take Marie for a ride around a couple of local lakes to see the trees.

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It looks like we may finally (maybe) get some rain, the soaker kind. It's 50º this morning and we should reach 60. But it's cloudy all day, and the rain moves in around 6P. Then light rain overnight and heavier rain tomorrow (I hope). The maps show it mostly a little south of us; I hope they're wrong and it moves north.

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5 minutes ago, HandyDan said:

Upper 50s with some sun today.  Trees are getting more and more see through each day.

Much the same here.  Took the window fan and the fan in center of shop down yesterday.  Packed them away under crawlspace till spring.  Broke out the heater for the shop and my radiator heater for finishing room.  Tested them for operation.  While not needed at this time, it is best to be ready verses scrambling in the cold or cold and wet.  :D

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Well it was cool enough out that I just went and did something that I haven't done in a long time...  After I finished up hollowing out my pine bowl  Yes its raining and windy out side I ran over to the store and grabbed a hot starbucks coffee LOL.  Not something I normally do now days but I think the weather this morning has done it.  Still gotta figure out a way to heat up the shed this winder I do have a propane tank still I'm considering getting a propane heater but that can be a bit on the dangerous side for me.

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The forecast for yesterday was off a little. It actually started raining late morning and when it was all over we had .4"  thumbs-up-hand-gesture-smiley-emoticon.g Thenlate last night it started raining again and as far as I know it rained all night and is still raining. I don't know how much we've got but whatever it is it's very welcome. We're at 47º right now and it won't change much today. The rain should stop late morning and then be dreary the rest o the day (I guess).

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