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7 minutes ago, Larry Buskirk said:

@Fred W. Hargis Jr,


:blink:..."Define Normal"...


We've seen everything but. :wacko:

Sorry, should have said "average".:P It must be worse on the other side of that little pond that separates you from the LP of MI. I see they had 2 dams burst with some really bad damage to downstream areas.

Edited by Fred W. Hargis Jr

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13 minutes ago, HandyDan said:

Sunny low 70s today.  Looking good.  Grass seed is starting to grow.  Have to turn some water on it.

:huh:...SAY WHAT?


:wacko:...I'll be going out trying to mow around the yard lakes....:wacko:

:unsure:...That depends how much more the :ArguingSmileys: Jeep decides to mess with me after I go get the parts. :Tapping: 


:ChinScratch:...Front axle u-joint, and hub bearing...more work for "My Little Friend" :DevilLaughing:


57° and cloudy here now at 9:00 AM :rolleyes:



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Just enough rain yesterday and last night to keep me from mowing today, guess I'll have to do it tomorrow...something I usually try to avoid (mowing on the weekend). But we are at 58º this morning and should get to 70 today, tomorrow will be 80 girl-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon.gif. The the following week will be more like summer.

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Man I must have done something to piss off the rain goddess cause we've got a lot more in the forecast.

I'll have to try to get the mowing done today.

I'm pretty stiff, & sore from my wrestling match with the Jeep, so I'll see how that goes.

Hope what I saved on labor was worth it. 


53° and cloudy forecast high of 67°

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87 degrees at 2 pm, going to drop down to a frosty 71 by daylight tomorrow.  Worked outside pushing the block of wood through the bandsaw until the blade broke and I was wet with sweat.  Going to have to limit my time outdoors.  Humidity is about as high as the temp.


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Has the grill going last night and turned on the news...there was a whopper of a storm going by...I thought, oh crap! Turned out it went south of me by 30 miles or so. We got to 86º yesterday, and no rain. Today is a carbon copy with maybe a better chance of pop-up storms. Plenty humid as well, but at this point I'm loving it.

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