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Warm here this morning 37° with the high only going to 38°.  Should melt some of the snow.      

...Around here we only have two seasons, Winter, & Road Construction.    ....Started out at freezing, up to 34° headed for ....48° and SUNNY! ...

Looking at the weather map our TV stations present, I don't think you have to send, its scheduled to go there on it's own (at least a piece of it). Still not sure it will close the shop doors tho'.

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After 90% 0f that white stuff had melted, everything is white again! :( Just above freezing, though, so we shouldn't have to shovel it. Besides, we can't go anywhere anyway! :(:(








Picture of the front yard....







...and the back!


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You folks with temps under 80, please turn on your fans and share some of the cool.  It's not even April and we are already having low to mid 80's.  We had a cool spell a couple days ago.  Overnight went all the way down to 70.  Felt pretty good.  Trees have bloomed and leafed out, had to mow the lawn already.  I have killed wasps already and the carpenter bees are flying around the wooden fences and the house.  I suspect we are going to have a real hurricane season.  Going to get some trees seriously trimmed.  

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Steve, if you expect sympathy from me for your problems, well, sorry :ROFL:. We had a gloomy day yesterday and got to the mid 40s...today might be better. Starting at 37 this morning and may get to the 50s with a peak of sun later. I can only hope. I look forward to the nights being 70, but I will concede on the wasp thing....they suck!

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We are supposed to get to 60 today, but we were supposed to get to 50 yesterday and didn't. But we're 35° this morning, and over the next several days are supposed to be well above 60, almost 70 by Friday. I got to take my morning walk yesterday, but it may be a little too foggy this morning.

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