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Loose hoop joints

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Many years ago I made this 12"  dia embroidery hoop. To use it, set it between your legs using your leg weight to hold it in place. It has 3 adjustable joints and three finger bolts to hold it in place. Over the years the friction hold points of the adjustments have become too smooth and it slips. If I roughen up the friction hold points, they will soon be smooth again.

 What can I do to make these adjustments hold? I've tightened them VERY tight by hand, but they still move. I've thought about very thin washers with rough surfaces, don't know where I'd find something like that.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.

hoop 2.jpg

hoop 1.jpg

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I actually would go the other way around.  Put metal washers on the outside to keep the metal bits from sinking to deep to be tight.  With the metal washer on the outside the clamping pressure will surely hold tight.  If not then yes some self made sandpaper washer are the way to go but will be temporary.


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