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Wednesday's Wisdom For Woodturners January 22, 2020

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Our Patriot turners have really been busy this past week. Lots of great projects and interactions on some of the posts!



Our Patriot Turners-

@Pauley  posted a gorgeous curly maple vase he turned-



Pauley tells us about the finishing process in his post-



@Ron Altier provided an update on the ultraviolet finish with which he has been experimenting. Here's more in Ron's post-



Ron also asked for some adhesive advice from our members. He wants to glue wood to acrylic. Please head on over to his post and see if you can give him ideas-




@Gerald is working on some bowls.



Check out his post for more information and a picture of a surprise inside!



@smitty10101 is having some difficulty drilling pen blanks. He has tried several methods and was hoping our turners can give him some guidance. Please check out what he has tried and see if you have any ideas that may help-



One of @Lissa Hall's post has been revived and some interesting discussion is taking place. All about woodturning chucks-




What’s Coming Up-



Click on the above image for more information!


@Jim from Easy Wood Tools wants us all to know about the M.A.D. Pen Gathering




Click on the above image for more information and registration.



For The Newbies-

Mike Peace has a nice video for learning to turn beads and coves-



@Gerald reminded us that the Woodworking Journal continues to send out a monthly newsletter for the wood turner. Here's the latest issue. You can get it in your inbox free just by subscribing-








Expand Your Horizons-

@Ron Altier wins the prize this week for the most entries! He found a cool glue-up for creating an amazing bowl!



New Turning Items-

If you are considering upgrading your sharpening system, here's a short video on what to look for in CBN wheels-




Everything Else-

Some time back there was some discussion about carbide tools. A common misconception is that these tools can't produce shavings and are merely a scraping device. Carl Jacobson recently posted a video illustrating that Easy Wood Tools do, in fact, dispel all the misconceptions! 



  Also later in the video, Carl uses the new, thick black CA from Starbond as a crack filler. That stuff really works!



Been busy here with relatives visiting. I did get a few minutes on the lathe only to discover more problems with that spalted maple bowl. That thing should have gone to the burning barrel!

Found this on the outside-




Some of that Starbond thick black CA for that hole-



The inside is more problematic. A very soft, punky area. 



Not sure what I'll do there. Still have a bit more wall thickness to remove at the side/bottom transition. This thing is soft all over so the overall wall thickness will need to be a little greater just for strength.


Safe turning

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Lew, I am looking forward to more rainy days so I can view all this information.  As usual, this is a truck load of information and you have invited us to participate in some threads.  We have family this week, but have a few more rolling pins to go before finishing.  Thank you, Lew for all this good stuff.  

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