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Ron Dudelston

Friday, December 13, 2019 - What’s on Your Weekend Agenda

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6 hours ago, Larry Buskirk said:

Friday the 13th. :BitingNails:


My lucky day! :TwoThumbsUp:



Yeah, I build a large shelving unit to fit in the guest room closet.  The wire shelves (HATE HATE HATE Them) on one side came crashing down.   So the project this weekend is to tear down the wire shelves on both sides and put up something proper.  It appear that about 20 years is the lifespan of the plastic clips before they turn brittle and snap.

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I often turn a hat and snowman from one piece of wood and mix and match.  Others just get a hat with a little ink or stain for contrast.  The plan really has been that there is no plan with these.  A lot of this group were made as gift requests that my co workers have had and some even brought mystery firewood to use.  I turned one from an old Hedge (Osage orange) fence post this week.  Great color and grain but wreaks havoc on tools!  The end result may be worth the sharpening though!  Not had much snow and reckon if I can keep it away, I will cut less snowmen. Lol!

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Ron, really nice bookcases.  Beautiful wood.  Bondoman, nice snowman.  I have turned some years ago and I need to finish them.  Fred, really nice drawers.  Those are the hardest for me.  


Friday was wife's birthday, so it was preparing food, but son-in-law ordered Olive Garden, so we feasted.  She had the chocolate pie and I had a couple bites of the lemon cake.  Good but sweet.  


I hope tomorrow that I get to turn a couple of rolling pins.  Been waiting for months.  Got them cut down to size a few months ago, but turned only one that had an unseen rotten spot in the middle.  Will use the wood for something.  Then Monday, a trip to the routine doctor appointment for her.  We should be back home before it rains.  

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