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Ron Dudelston

Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! December 9, 2019

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Busy day ahead. Gotta get a haircut. That's two hours gone. Then, gather, stack and, burn the tumble weeds that the winds gifted us. Finally, I MIGHT get back to the box I'm trading for an abstract painting. Later, there might be time to play with the Rapid Resizer Jesse recommended. That is my reward for the day. 

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I have my usual busy week going on, trying to bring this kitchen project to a close "this year"...

Monday the appliances were delivered, Wednesday (today) the countertops are being installed, Thursday the plumber is supposed to come and hook up sink, drains and dishwasher - and Friday SWMBO will get home to inspect everything;)  If everything is a go, contact the tile installer to see when the backsplash might get done.

And in between, I have a wedding mirror and frame ready for finish today and three more picture frames to make and finish as well as some year end computer work to get done; and sometime in the next week-10 days I need to get out and look for a couple Christmas gifts?  And taxes... our annual property taxes are due in the next little bit:(


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