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A little Christmas decoration tinkering


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2 minutes ago, FlGatorwood said:

I love them.  Did you put the jewels on the hat on by using tweezers?  They appear to be perfectly spaced.  

Those are snowflakes I found at Dollartree. They have adhesive but do not sitick on wood well so i drilled a hole and put the eye hook thru it. IMG_6232.JPG.19a033a8d0fb4eb6fcfbc49f83a250d9.JPG

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On 12/3/2019 at 9:21 PM, Bundoman said:

Thank you so much!   Glad you like them!  Have fun with them!  With freehand turning and no plan, they are just like people with each one unique!  


 As stated in a prior post, the snow people are addictive!  I was warned but didn’t listen!  Total stands at 17 for the week.  I am getting much quicker and that is good!  Merry Christmas to you!


Yup...Addictive!  The count stands at 32!  I think that’s about it for 2019!


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