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John Morris

Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! November 25, 20l19

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If I ever get to the shop am working on returning some of the offering plates from the summer project to make large bowls. Spent the after lunch time at the grocery store helping with the thanksgiving shopping. Now on hold with a credit card company for over 30 minutes to get done before shop time.  uuuuuuuggggh

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Neighbor widow brought over some shelving lumber and some 1" X 2" to make web frames.  So yesterday, since it was about 70 degrees with bright sunshine, had grandson assist in building 2 floating shelves.  I did the finish sanding today.  Tomorrow, will get the supports made and pass them back to her.  Have another project for another neighbor widow to build a box for her recently deceased son.  He had many honor badges in the various clubs and in some church activities.  I am debating whether to use pecan or cedar.  Have plenty of each.  

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13 hours ago, Cal said:

BIL, who is a retired electrician was pretty skeptical of the fan in the kitchen. 

I had one once and the only issue was that the fan blades, my ex wife insisted she had to have one it was soo hot, etc etc.  Well the blades were never cleaned much like the rest of the house.  Years later when I returned home from Iraq and began heavy cleaning the place I found the blades covered in cooking grease and dust.  I cleaned them up, they looked terrible, so I removed the fan and put in LED lights.  

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Thanks for the comments fellas. 


12 hours ago, DAB said:

but propane/nat gas is the way to go if you have a choice.


Dab, no gas in these parts unless you get a big ol' tank in the back yard - not going to happen, on my watch anyhow...


10 hours ago, Woodbutcherbynight said:

I found the blades covered in cooking grease and dust


Good point there Gunny.  I will share this with the Mrs.  Reckon this goes into the category of everything having pluses and minuses.  I did get fans rated for outside use so they have plastic blades - that might coupled with an anti-static type cloth take care of things easier.  I can say this, since I have been in the construction mode all summer (and will likely be throughout most of 2020) that we have gotten on a weekly routine of dusting the other ceiling fans in the house.


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