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Okay I printed it, will take to the shop tomorrow.  Current project is two cat houses.  Now that would be the easy part.  I also want these cat houses to double as saw horses.  So a merging of the two is in order.  Oh, and they have to have wheels, gotta stay mobile and I am not into this picking them up and carrying them.  

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Just now, Larry Jenkins said:

John1..  Larry Jenkins here.  Ever build that cabin?  I still have the original plans and the revisions on my Canvas draw program.

Hey Larry, great to see ya here in these parts!

No, the cabin idea has been on hold probably till I retire, about 7 years from now. Right now my own dad is living in the single wide on the property and between our finances building a cabin just aint in the cards right now. Our plan is hopefully someday to but that ol cabin up there, I remember the floor plan well, and I loved it. Are you able to email me the plans in pdf? I was looking for them last summer on a whim and they aint where I thought I put em.

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Thank you Al..


Yeah, us old farts need some luvin too.  I peruse the site every now and then trying to find one of my old posts to jack up my old ego.  Ran across the old one about applying poly with old nylon socks with the "Dude."  Yeah..  still recall the phone call that night.


I assume you are now quarantined in your home.  What better time to dust off Niagara?


Thanks for remembering..



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