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Bulding a desk

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Well, got the stain on and it'll be OK for the intended use (have I mentioned I don't like red oak?). The staining (which I do don't a whole lot) came out much nicer than the flash makes it appear...t

I had mentioned in another post I was building a desk. This isn't anything really challenging but I want to prove I'm doing something. I need 2 of these, one for a basement area I use and another for

Arts and Crafts. Well, the easing is done...all that's left is the staining (something I hate doing)and finishing....and sweeping up the mess. Because this is red oak, I'll be using a dark gel stain a

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Lew, I think that one would work...it is really way too long. It's 5 7/8", and my drawer front is only 2 1/2". Still, I'll bet I could cut it down and make it work...I may try a set.


Larry it's not too late, I can make a new front rail easily.

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38 minutes ago, Fred W. Hargis Jr said:

OK, I was chasing those hinges Lew linked above and came up with something else. It's this one

and the installation could be made to work and do exactly what I want. It's a little deep to install into a 3/4" rail, but I can glue some extra wood to the back of the rail to accommodate it.


Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 12.39.14 PM.png

I like these better. No mods necessary.

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4 minutes ago, lew said:

Around here, every church you go into is predominantly flat sawn red oak. I guess we just get used to it.

Funny you say that . When our church was remodeled two years ago they did the same thing and stained it a dark stain which makes the grain stand out and I hate it. Plus they did the pulpit in it instead of using quartersawn I just do not like it and like Fred I do not like red oak and especially do not like to turn it.


   I got part of the scheme changed by using pecan for offering plates but then they wanted it stained , just can't win.

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36 minutes ago, Fred W. Hargis Jr said:

Well, I went ahead and got the boards for the top ready. These are from those ones in the first pic, adn are big enough for the top on this desk (60"x28"). Jointing these things was an adventure, I should have had Newman show me how to joint a board with a hand plane...would have been easier. This desk is going to be 2-dog ugly (I hate red oak, especially flat sawn) but I'm the only one who will see it (and it replaces a Sauder RTA desk!)

topboards copy.JpG

Sometimes it pays to mill the boards down to about 4" or so. Wide boards don't generally do to well..

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