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John Moody

Friday, October 4, 2019, What’s on your Patriot Woodworker agenda?

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The heat is still with us here in Alabama and we are in a drought situation. Seems like in the spring it rained every day and we had record flooding. But it’s supposed to be cooling off here beginning this weekend and I must say I’m ready for some cool weather, but not yet ready for cold weather. 


This weekend I’ll be gluing these cutting boards in the end grain configuration. 




Starting to get get ready for our big end of the year Christmas show. Seems strange to say that with it being upper 90’s today. But it is that time. In the morning I’ll cut them into strips and glue them. 


I’m finishing this large thick Cherry Mantle. It has a bracket so that it looks to be a floating mantle. These work great as I used them before on some floating shelves. 




I routed the back so the bracket will be flush on the back and it has four rods that go about 6” into the mantle. 




I left it a little proud here so I can get it out. The bracket will get mounted to a 2x12 that is in the wall then the mantle will slide onto the rods. They are a tight fit but that’s what you want. Just need to do a bit more sanding and then spray a clear coat on. It’s supposed to have a somewhat rough look. 


Im also getting started making some 1911 grips this weekend on the CNC




Cut these this afternoon out of a nice small piece of walnut. 


Tomorrow my my son and his new wife are having a celebration of their marriage. They actually got married back in July while we were in the Mountains. Tomorrow we are having friends and family over to celebrate with them and to pray over their marriage and family. Then we’re having BBQ and fellowship. 


Thats my weekend agenda, what’s on yours? Share your woodworking and other plans and pictures with us. We love to see and hear all about your weekend plans. 


Whatever you do this weekend, have fun and be safe. 




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I got some lathe work in with my new Easy Woods tools.  They worked well, now the operator, I had a learning curve to work with.  Even so managed to turn a pen from Purple Heart.  Pictures tomorrow, started cleaning shop up from a very busy summer.  This will take a week or so.



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Can't really do much...they are installing NEW gas meters on this street...and removing the old ones.....mine is IN the shop....then the plumber comes in, connects the new line to the old line, after removing the old meter.....then after the gas is turned back on....restarts the 2 pilot lights, after a check for any leaks....shop will be closed for the day... will keep you posted.


latest box was to get a coat of varnish....will have to wait til Sunday....maybe.   Grandson is claiming the latest box, tray and all...


Still doing research on the What is it.....

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