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Finial Practice

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2 hours ago, FlGatorwood said:

I am curious as to the diameter of the stem that inserts into the lid/top.  And, the diameter of the .....I guess flange?


I made the stem on the bottom 1/4" because that's easy to drill for.  I also under cut the base because tops of vessels are usually curved and undercutting makes for a seamless seat.  The other dimensions come from the chart supplied in the July 24th Wednesday Wisdom thread quoted above.  Here it is again.  It is all based on the height or finial decided upon by the turner.





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1 hour ago, HandyDan said:

It is all based on the height or finial decided upon by the turner.

At rows 16, 17, 18 you can enter a rim diameter and it will calculate the "recommended height". Then enter the height in cell B1 to calculate the remaining dimensions. Sometimes I turn a vessel and make a place on the lid without thinking about the finial until later. 

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