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Allen Worsham

Finally getting back to woodworking!

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On 10/2/2019 at 1:11 PM, Allen Worsham said:

Got all the Walnut, Cherry & Maple boards all cut down to usable length and ran them through the planer to uniform thickness. Tomorrow I will cut all the boards to into strips. I will have to go to Home Depot to get some new glue.


That’s some really nice looking wood. Does the door stay unlocked. I could use some. 

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7 minutes ago, John Morris said:

Allen, that is sure some great looking lumber my friend, that Walnut sure is nicer than So. Cal. Walnut!

Hey now. That claro is pretty sweet. But, that midwest walnut is hard to best. My BIL is having a 30" dia. fallen walnut tree slabbed. I'll pick up half of it in November for half the sawmill bill. Plus, we're trading 50 bf of mesquite for a like amount of 4s 4/4 walnut, cherry and hard maple shorts. Most are 4" wide by 3'. He got a pallet of that stuff from an Amish cabinet making shop. 

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John, I think what you have in S. California is what we call an English Walnut, a little different from black walnut that grows in the eastern side of the continent.  Black walnut grows from about 10 miles north of the Gulf to southern Webster tract (Pennsylania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois) as far west as Oklahoma and back toward the Gulf.  I am not sure how far it reaches into Texas.  The English walnut can be cracked by hand, the black walnut needs a hammer.  Very different taste and oils.  Black walnut is very rich.  I think that is the reason you see different colors and grain.   

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