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Removing the waste from half blind sockets (alternative method)

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2 minutes ago, Woodbutcherbynight said:

I got this in a drawer.... from HF..  I can't afford the expensive ones....

I used to have one of those Gunny, exactly. I don't think I ever used it actually, finally it ended up at a friends home, I think he has used it successfully. Shortly after acquiring the HF jig, I was gifted a Porter Cable jig just like the HF, since I could only use one, one had to go. :)

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Long time ago...until I sold it....didn't really like using it....17871195_dovetailjig.JPG.24d507dc0fbbf4445773f5dfc9d38052.JPG

It had issues with holding parts securely....guide collar froze up...gave up.  :ArguingSmileys: Sold the jig.  :MachineGun:

Saw one at menard's today.....$117.00:BugEyeSmiley:.....ummmm, NOT.:angry:


Yep...was a long time ago....building drawers for..


A Kitchen Island the Boss wanted made....drawer on each end...


Seems she has painted this thing a light blue-ish gray....still in use, BTW

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