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Hope everyone survived July 4th and @Gerald glad you weren't hurt in the explosion!!



Our Patriot Turners-

We've had some Christmas ornaments posted this past week! 


First up was @Ron Altier with another one of his SpectraPly beauties. 



Ron discusses this piece in his posting-


Then just today, @HandyDan showed us some more of his inside-out ornaments with some surprises inside!




Check out Dan's post to see how he got those glass centers in there!



@Pauley was busy in his shop. Just look at this gorgeous bowl he turned and carved!



Pauley tells us how he did this and received heaps of compliments about his piece. Check his post at-



About a year ago, we posted a "Tip" in the woodturning forum about sanding on the lathe. That tip generated some discussion and comments this past week. If you missed it,  here's the entire thread/discussion-



What’s Coming Up-



Click on the above image for the link to more information.


For The Newbies-

Want to try a nice useful project? This one is perfect for some skew practice!



Turn a "garden dibble"! This project is from the latest edition of Woodturning OnLine and is by Tom Hintz. The tutorial can be found at-



The entire newsletter can be read at- https://www.woodturningonline.com/index.php?edition=072019. Check out the article on "Making Money Off Your Craft".



Expand Your Horizons-

I happened across this video showing a really neat technique for restoring the deep purple color to Purpleheart. I'm not sure if it works on other woods. 




New Turning Items-

Mike Peace reviews a sphere cutting jig in this video-



Everything Else-

Rick Turns has posted his list of YouTube woodturning videos for the month of June. If you find this list helpful, please leave a comment on Rick's YouTube page I'm sure he will appreciate it.





Last week, I posted a laser wall thickness device I was tinkering with. @Gerald asked if I could show it in action. I don't have a video camera (or a tripod to hold my phone) but I did take some stills of using it to hollow a little walnut vessel. I used my Easy Wood Tools mini hollowers. Really glad I bought these ( @Jim from Easy Wood Tools )!


Started with a 1/2" hole-



With only 2 hands it was kind of difficult to get real action shots. This is what it looked like when inserted into the vessel (needed a clamp to hold it steady)



I was pressing the on/off switch manually for this. 




The tip of the "probe" is articulated so that it can be positioned around a corner.




Seems to work pretty good. The overall dimensions were designed around the sizes of EWT mini hollowers.




Still needs some refining but overall all, I think it will do what I need.


Also turned a finial but it definitely is too clunky.




Safe turning

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Some good stuff.  A pleasant distraction.  Spent the last 2 hours getting documents the lawyer requested.  NEVER get divorced, then never want amend that agreement.  Its sooo much fun to argue about who pays what, when the kids visit, etc etc....:BangingHead:

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@Gerald Thank You! I believe I could make the laser portion much smaller because no batteries are needed and use an inline switch.


@Woodbutcherbynight Thanks! Sorry to hear about the unpleasantries.


@HandyDan Thank You! Looking forward to the video!


@FlGatorwood Thanks!


@Gene Howe Thank You! I guess it's like I told my new doctor- "I'm abundant, not fat".


Thanks to all of our turners who take the time to post their work. I really appreciate what you do and your willingness to share.

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