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Puttered around between doctor visits....


Snapped a few blue line specials....2 planks at 5" width...and this at 4"....because of a knot.


can't use the tablesaw, so


6" SKIL saw....


Trying to split the blue line...Handplane  is a Stanley No.8....Jointer...


ran both the sawn edges and the non-sawed edges....after 3 boards and a lot of shavings..


Dry fit to see how bad the edges line up..


Methinks Board #2 needs a tad more work....still have 2 more planks to edge..These 3 are just sitting here, no glue or clamps needed..


Maybe later today, I can work on this desk's top?   We'll see..

Stay tuned

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On 7/8/2019 at 9:57 PM, steven newman said:

Imagine moving this around, by yourself..:BugEyeSmiley:

I'm in the same predicament, the more I add the harder the old desk gets to move. :blink:


On 7/7/2019 at 10:00 PM, steven newman said:

depends on the lumber supply.  :ChinScratch:

Sorting through what's left and salvageable myself. :unsure:

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11 hours ago, steven newman said:

Snapped a few blue line specials

Looks like that left one could have been stretched a little tighter :throbbinghead:

Edited by lew

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Hook came off...

Too dang early in the morning..:DevilLaughing:..rearranged the shop a bit....Cleared out a space to stash the desk, until needed..:rolleyes:209906643_Computerdesktopstashedoutoftheway.JPG.a66fabdfc4c1a9130077dcc931ae3728.JPG

Even swept the floor back there :JawDrop:Moved the saw a bit, set up the rip fence...and did a wee bit of straight-line rips..B)


Ripped until both edges were straight on all 5 boards...saved a few pieces, to use as clamping cawls..


Can never have enough...Dry fit?:ChinScratch:


One clamp across the middle, to see how the gaps closed up...had one or two needed trimmed again.:BangingHead:..then drew a couple lines across, to aid in the glue up


Because there is always one board that wants to be "difficult" :ArguingSmileys: ..cleaned the bench off, too.:BugEyeSmiley:


Won't stay this way for long...:rolleyes: as..


Always something blocking the view..:ph34r:.Will clean the glue off later, while I flatten the top...B)


A simple whack with a hammer, to remove the cawls when I take the clamps off..will work on both faces,,,best looking one will be the "show" surface.  :ChinScratch:

Just letting this sit a day....knee is sore, anyway. :BangingHead:  

Stay tuned:ph34r:

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Guess i had better update this post..:SaluteandRun:.Top is out of the clamps....


Glue lines cleaned up..Stanley No. 70 B)


high spots lowered to match the low spots...Stanley #5-1/2 jumbo jack.B)


Ends were trimmed square....


Circular saw guide fence.   Both ends.  beltsander ( 80 grit) ROS ( 60 grit) Palm sander( 180 grit)...plus the jack plane...even the #3c got used,,,couple of small spots the big jack missed...Chose the better looking of the two faces...as the Top...cleaned  off the tablesaw, lowered the blade...plopped the top onto the saw....good side down.    Hoist the base onto the top, and get it centered....no overhang in the back, rest has 1-1/2"....then added washers and screws


Using these slotted holes...


washers let things slide better, otherwise, the head of the screw just gets stuck.:BangingHead:..the 4 in the knee well area were easy to reach..the 3 in the drawer unit...:ArguingSmileys:


Not much room?:ph34r:


Ya think?:DevilLaughing:

let this mess sit a day...:GoodNight:



this morning, I had help getting this down off the saw.:OldManSmiley:..needed the saw for other chores...then hauled a few planks to the shop..


Took a while..but i ripped and crosscut until there were enough blanks for 4 drawers...Picked out the 4 best looking of the drawer front blanks..B)


The other 2 may get used in the skinny drawers...there was an issue about knots..:BangingHead:


Right where either dovetails or a dado would go..:ArguingSmileys:

Made enough pine blanks for the 4 backs..B)


and the 4 pairs of sides...B)


Stack in the background is Ash leftovers...Set up the Stanley 45..


And a jig...


Got the 4 fronts grooved for a plywood bottom...reset the jig..(and the 45's fence, was too low.:BangingHead:.)


4 pairs of sides now have their groove thing going...made a lot of "noodles"...B)


Set out the next cutter for the 45....was using a #12 cutter...going with an #18-1/2 cutter..:ChinScratch:


To make the dados to house the drawer backs.B)...decided to do a test run of dovetails...to see if things will work..:rolleyes:


Been a while :ChinScratch: out of practice?:ph34r:

About then...the knee said "TIME OUT!"   so, will have to try again tomorrow?   :Tapping:  Or wait until Tuesday?:ChinScratch:

Stay tuned :cowboy:

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