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56 minutes ago, Woodbutcherbynight said:

I have been digging post holes for 2 weeks, couple at a time and then setting the post.  Thankfully I am done with that portion of the project.  This 19 holes is for the birds..... :JawDrop:

Ha! That brings back memories of days long past. I dug about 20 post holes for a corral, including railroad ties at the corners. Then, I did probably 30 for a fence until I finally decided to hire it out. Dug by hand with a shovel. Its a lot of work!! :wacko:

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10 hours ago, steven newman said:

Stay tuned..:cowboy:


You bet!

I had to go back to the first posts to get the size of this desk.  These sides looked so large I wondered if you had switched to another chester or something:D

I am wrestling with a few pieces of store bought window trim and Steven, by hand, builds a complete computer desk...

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Ok, for those that want an idea about sizes...

finished sides are 3/4"  x 18-5/8" wide  x 31" tall


Rails are 16", counting the 1/2" long tenon on each end....rails are 3/4 " x 1-1/2' x 16"


raised panels are 15-5/16" wide...by ~ 5" top to bottom.


Grooves are 1/4" x 1/4".   Mortises then go another 1/4" deeper.  tenons are 1" by 1/4" by 1/2" long.


May do a top and bottom webframe....or...just make 5 frames.   Need a rebate along the back edges of two sides, to house a 1/4" plywood back.   There will be a stretcher/foot rest across the back of the kneehole...


Thinking drawer fronts (4 larger ones) need to be around 3/4 x 5" x 13" or  so...depends on the width of the 1 x 6s I have. 

back is still acting up....taking a day off, if nobody minds..

Stay tuned..

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19 minutes ago, steven newman said:

we be moving at the speed of smell

If you had our dog, that would be closer to the speed of light :lol:

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Hook came off...

Too dang early in the morning..:DevilLaughing:..rearranged the shop a bit....Cleared out a space to stash the desk, until needed..:rolleyes:209906643_Computerdesktopstashedoutoftheway.JPG.a66fabdfc4c1a9130077dcc931ae3728.JPG

Even swept the floor back there :JawDrop:Moved the saw a bit, set up the rip fence...and did a wee bit of straight-line rips..B)


Ripped until both edges were straight on all 5 boards...saved a few pieces, to use as clamping cawls..


Can never have enough...Dry fit?:ChinScratch:


One clamp across the middle, to see how the gaps closed up...had one or two needed trimmed again.:BangingHead:..then drew a couple lines across, to aid in the glue up


Because there is always one board that wants to be "difficult" :ArguingSmileys: ..cleaned the bench off, too.:BugEyeSmiley:


Won't stay this way for long...:rolleyes: as..


Always something blocking the view..:ph34r:.Will clean the glue off later, while I flatten the top...B)


A simple whack with a hammer, to remove the cawls when I take the clamps off..will work on both faces,,,best looking one will be the "show" surface.  :ChinScratch:

Just letting this sit a day....knee is sore, anyway. :BangingHead:  

Stay tuned:ph34r:

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