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Going to be a couple days....bottoms of both feet have splits in them....makes walking a bit painful...let alone standing around....meds are in place...may take a couple days to get healed up.. 


backsaw gets a new handle made.....to replace the broken one.  Then maybe start on the new desk....IF and when I can get to walking again...

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Shop has issues, right now..


Dungeon Creek.   needed to clean off the tablesaw, too...


And clean that saw plate up....tablesaw was the easy part...


A little damp under it...


And, needed to get the resaw toys out...


As I needed to crosscut and resaw thay 2x chunk of hardwood...

Saw plate?   earlier, had given it a long soak in PBBlaster...which leaves a black gunky mess....wide chisel to clean the mess off, and a slight sanding..


Can even read the Goodell Pratt Co. Toolsmiths logo.   even cleaned the brass  as it came out of the handle..


Handle has..issues.....can either repair it, or..make a new handle....will be trying to do both...

Resaw on the tablesaw..can only reach so far....ran all 4 edges through at just over 5/4" thick...bandsaw worked it's way through the remaining spot..


This is the "cut-off" scrap.   The blank also had that burnt area....WR 62 to clean that up..need a pattern...


Close enough...Both are Disston 4 bolt handles, for a No. 4 back saw/mitre box saw...


So, in order to trace around the "pattern" needed to remove it from the saw....and find...


I'm missing a little steel?  Plate's etch matches the handle..


So...bandsaw to rough out the outside of the blank, and a Forstner bit for the hand hole..


Well, it is a start....drill mounted sanding drum, and a Dremel sanding drum, or two (detail work)....May take a few days...LOTS of shaping and sanding to do, then drill the holes, and the slot 7 mortise for the saw blade....

As for the "repair"?


Dremel to "fair" things smooth, and blend things together...maybe a little filler as needed...we'll see. 

Stay tuned....

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