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We decided to forget about the yearly craft fair but since I am needing something to pass the time I started looking in those boxes people fill up then shove back in the corners of their shop for many reasons....IMG_2036.JPG.24bad08e6bdfe58383924abf35f90deb.JPG


So this is a box of scroll sawed things I had planned on filling up with epoxy and embedding keepsake things people like to save?? These Texas and other shapes of cutouts have lots of hours of thinking in to making them and I have a box of peoples names and other trinkets which was to be floating around inside them...We found people will let go of their money easier if they see their names imbedded in things like these...

 Finally got rid of my camper so this 30 x 62 barn sits there beggin me to come work in all of it instead of just one end of it for my wood shop.


Did I mention it has rained more this year than the previous 5 years... I'm beginning to feel like some of those people living in the amazon rain forest that has never seen other humans.


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