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RTR lift location in table


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I've finally decided to make a router table, and incorporate a lift (probably Jessem Rout-R or Mast-R).  Most of the prefab router tables I see have the router centered on the table.  This would seem too waste a lot of the surface area behind the router bit.  What bit clearance do you have on your table, and would moving it back a bit improve the use?

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I have two router tables.  One built into my table saw assembly for larger work, the other is a pull out cabinet/ drawer mini router table for smaller work.  The cabinet build is about 1/3m of the way back from the front edge.  My thinking was as the space is limited I left that larger back open to be able to accommodate larger pieces if needed.  For my tablesaw I have a EZ router raiser lift, for the mini I made my own using drawer slides and a lab lift.  Took some work but I enjoyed the challenge. If you are looking for ideas the mini router table build is here  https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/forums/topic/24091-mini-router-table/?tab=comments#comment-172198


IMG_0624.JPG.b8fa2361a432de84cfb6480ac744a59c.JPG    IMG_0803.JPG.b4b58729f01eac4a3c69680e67703ffb.JPG



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Here's what I use. Shopsmith calls it an over arm pin router. The picture is a bit misleading. Although a router can be mounted under the table and used as a router table or, mounted in the arm as a pin router, both at the same time would be problematic. It's a lot of fun to use. 



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