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We had a great club meeting today and got some great tips from Mark Sillay.

    1. Turning bowls end grain instead of side grain gives a whole different pwerspective.

    2. When turning hollow form  (end grain ) put CA around the inside of the neck opening and on the bottom of tenon. Spray accelerator inside to create barrier on bottom so the CA does not go thru and bowl will not crack.

    3.When remounting a piece and is not running true . Leave the chuck slight loose and with lathe running slow place a gouge with flutes down over tool rest and lever the workpiece very gently till is true and then tighten chuck.

    4.Use a Spindle Roughing Gouge with a steeper than 45 angle grind to act like a skew to smooth the outside of a bowl. This will be angled like a skew and rubbing the bevel.

   There was more but do not know how i could explain.

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18 hours ago, Steve Krumanaker said:

Thanks for sharing Gerald, Mark Sillay is a great wood turner. Is he a member of your club? Would love to see #4 demoed. That is blasphemy compared to what most turners would thinks.

No he is from Atlanta and was going to Memphis club on Sunday for hands on and then to somewhere above KC,MO. Looking at the grind except for the fact it is a SRG looks a lot like the old gouges before using round stock and not quite that steep of an angle but a very smooth finish. He puts it this way the finish is better and safer than a skew but in essence is like a skew cut. Steve he had some other interesting too grinds as well and I just di not want to spend that much time explaining.

     There is a round stock with the end ground at long slope on one side and the back rounded at a long slope also. He calls a suicide tool. He used it in the tight corners where Cindy Drozda uses her point tool.

     Another is a regular bowl gouge gound to a profile of a long slope which he used as a tool to cut inside a bowl from center to rim. Remember he only does end grain bowl so this is the correct cut for downhill on grain. A very interesting tool but one I will not mimic.

     One more thing was using a bottom feeder on the outside of the bowl. And he says he just adapts his tools to do the cuts he needs in production to reduce sanding.

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