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Shaker Transitional Rocker Part 2 (Curly Maple)

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2 hours ago, John Morris said:

Thanks Gene, the mortises do look pretty good, I must admit though, since it's a scrap piece of poplar it was pretty easy to not get so wound up, but the pucker factor goes way up when chopping into the show-side of anything that requires exposed mortises, gaps are disastrous. I am laying off the coffee completely today, I need those lines to be clean. :D I'll have eight of them to chop, four in each post, and I have no doubt one or two will stray, but that's just the name of the game when doing hand work, if it does happen may the Rocker Gods put my slip on the backside of the chair!

Years ago, I made a jig that allows me to make nearly perfect mortises with my router. I think that if you made the slats slightly thicker, say by 1/16-inch, then make the tenons, they would fit in your chiseled mortises and cover any potential gaps. 


I meant to include Sam Maloof in my earlier comment. Maybe I'll have to reconsider getting into a chair. <_<


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