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Marking gauges and saw brands

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Ladies and Gents,


I intend to spend time in the shop this summer. Time to tool up. I have a standard marking gauge, the kind with the spike on it.  I don't like it much, it follows the grain.  I see a lot of youtubers using a metal marking gauge with a rotary cutter on it.  Who uses one of these, do you like it, and what brand do you recommend?


Same question for saws. If I were buying a tenon saw or panel saw, what brands should I consider?

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20 hours ago, tony ennis said:

I have a standard marking gauge, the kind with the spike on it.

I would fix that by sharpening the point down to a cutting edge and it's less inclined to  follow the grain and more likely to just

cut a line (which is kinda what the rotary one does, but you can make your own do that without buying a new gauge...well, unless you really WANT one).  :P

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Tony, don't forget Lie Nielsen if you can spare a few bucks. I have both the tapered dovetail saw and the tapered carcass saw, I wish I could say that I actually have built a few projects with them but the reality is I have only used them in a couple warm up sessions. They handle beautifully, and of course the fit and finish is superb, the cut is tight and clean and quick!

The tapered portion of the saw takes advantage of your natural sway when cutting, and prevents cutting below a mark or line at the opposite side of a board. I have tried it and it truly is a good design to have, the tapered end.


Tapered Dovetail



Tapered Carcass



Best part is, "Made in the USA".

Here is a great read on the advantages of tapered saws at Lost Art Press.

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