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About a week ago I was building a set of stairs for my son's new place, when the old Craftsman router started to shake badly. I drove home and got the Triton from my router table, which fortunately is equipped with the same Lee Valley base, so it would work in the jig. It ALSO vibrated, so I exchanged the 1/4" shank bit for a 1/2" one. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Later that night I dismantled the Craftsman and found that a wood chip had been sucked up into the fan, bending it badly and breaking off two of the blades. The vibration resulted in a crack across the 1/4" bit shaft, creating the problem with the Triton. The Craftsman has served me well... I've had it for well over 40 years! However, after hearing of many problems with the newer ones, I won't be buying another one. A small Bosch may be in my future.



Not the clearest picture, but can you make out the two bottom lines? THOSE WERE THE DAYS!


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I had a Craftsman the same thing happened to.  I mounted mine in a router table not realizing that could happen.  I took off all the cooling fins and continued to use it.  I limited my usage time and it never did fail.  I gave the table and router to a friend and warned him of the restricted usage and as far as I know he is still using it.

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I picked up the Bosch 1617 kit and I’m loving it except for the snap ring that keeps popping off. But that’s something I’ve run into on almost ever router I’ve bought in the last year. Other then that it’s a work horse just, wish I had picked up the table base for it. 


I also had triton that didn’t want to hold its depth when locked. So I sent it in for repairs and the tech didn’t even open it up too look into the problem. I’ve worked on enough machines, motors, and everything in between to now when someone’s messed with the screws. They told me a little play is to be accepted. I think 1/8 in height drop when it’s locked is a little to much play. I could be wrong. 

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