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Sharpening on Oil Stones

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11 hours ago, Artie said:

I wish you luck in finding the information you seek. 

Thank you Artie, appears to be not many if any folks here that use oil stones based on the replies, all the more reason for me to dig it all up and report back here, I look at this as an educational opportunity for all of us, and I'll be at the tip of the spear!:lol:

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Thanks Gene, what a neat man I enjoyed the video thanks!

I have watched several videos by now regarding oil stones and they seem very convenient for honing and even re-establishing a form on the edge. But to be able to whip out the oil stone during working a board, put a dab of oil on it, then hit the blade a dozen strokes and strop it, you are back to work in minutes.

The water stones require a little more setup, if you dry store your stones like some do, you have to soak em for about 10 to 15 minutes before use, if you store them in water like I do then it's not bad but you still have the mess and clean up of which it does not appear you would have with oil stones.


This is a video I found fun to watch just to demonstrate what little effort it really takes to hone your iron during work time.

Oh ya, by the way, you all forsaked yourselves!:lol:


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On 4/21/2019 at 4:13 PM, Stick486 said:

the PM-V11's are tough on regular stones...

it more than likely take silicone carbide if you want any kind of life to the stone..

This is off of the Norton Abrasives web site.  



"The fastest cutting oil stones are made of Silicon Carbide, with our Crystolon Stones representing this category offering. These stones are the best choice for quick work when the speed of sharpening is more important than the fineness of the cutting edge. It is common practice to use a Crystolon stone for initial coarse grit sharpening before moving on to an India stone and finishing with an Arkansas stone. These stones are also labeled fine, medium, and coarse and are dark gray in color."

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3 hours ago, PostalTom said:

Tom i really liked that holder, thanks so much for finding that one, it would apply to both diamond and oil stones, the only thing I may not do with oil stones is to adhere it to the surface, I'd probably let it rest. Just my gut instinct, but the rest of the setup looks fantastic!

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