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I noticed your question in chat this morning.


Hello! I am doing some research for my masters degree. Anyone have any idea where I can find out how many veterans are woodworkers in the United States?


Right off the top of my head I am going to say that may be almost impossible to come up with a number and here is why I think that.


  1. There are over 20 million veterans in the United States, that is a whole lot of veterans.
  2. Woodworking is a main stream hobby/trade, to what degree would a veteran be considered a woodworker?
  3. The question may be as hard as asking how many veterans play golf, or drive a Chevy.


You may be the first to compile a database! :). Eldon, there are quiet a few organizations that target veterans for woodworking programs, and many trade schools that offer special programs and tuition breaks for veterans, especially for veterans of OEF and OIF. I am taking a leap here but I would say that those educational institutions probably do not know how many veterans are currently woodworkers.


Now, not to be a wet rag here, so I'd like to know more about your research and why this question is being posed or in other words, what is the context of your research, the main body of your research. Because there may be a better question to ask that will help your research.


Thanks for joining Eldon, and I hope to hear more about your project.

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Check out Rob Cosmons website he hosts alot veteran related woodworking event. 


They maybe able to help you with those numbers. 

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