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John Morris

Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! April 8, 2019

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18 minutes ago, Allen Worsham said:

Not much happening here in Bowling Green, KY except for it raining all night and it should continue throughout the day. Been down for the most part for the past week as my lower back got tweaked. Going into the "Physical Therapist" this afternoon to start rehabilitation. I have not been doing much of anything except for being in the recliner alternating cold/heat packs and watching TV. 

Hope you feel better Allen! Hey, Kentucky was supposed to cure that stuff!

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Will be working on the offering plates for a while. Progress is there are nine rough turned and maybe 5 of those will make the cut. Did a test of stain color on Saturday and learned that I need to sand better and to a higher grit to eliminate lines and get a even color. Oil based stains is something we do not do much of in turning, but cannot say I liked them even in flatwork.

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17 hours ago, Ron Dudelston said:

This week I got drafted into “Community Service”.  In the Election Office in our courthouse, there are large precinct maps.  Since I’m on the local Election Board I volunteered to build frames for said maps.  Hopefully, they’ll look better than the duct tape that’s holding them up now.

A belated Happy Birthday ,Ron, I missed the notice and just saw it ,hope yours was good.


I am doing Taxes this week . I keep putting them off, but better bite the bullet and get er done.


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Ron, happy belated birthday.  I hope it was a very good one.  Keep having them.  


The only real productive thing done this weekend was cleaning off the fence between us and our deceased neighbor.  Now, that she can't see what I am doing, it got a good cleaning and this didn't anger her.  It looks great.  And, I'm happy about that.  

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