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The reminder of what nature can do

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Gene if I can keep going 50 more years at this, my learning curve seems to be getting easier with each completed project...but wait,,,, we found a book of how to draw people.. especially their faces...gonna have to add 50 more years for this to soak in to this little brain.

  Las Vegas seems to have their share of guys sitting there on a stool doing a portrait of someone and jf we happen back the same way we see him finishing his task and all these people both male and females artist can produce the most beautiful pictures. To me, portrait painting artist are tops in my book...I started to say if I could do that really good I would give my right arm in exchange but no that wouldn't work, oh well...

  I did use every kind of paint stain mixture on these last two projects. Some you have to wait real long to dry or else things can go wrong in a hurry..

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