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I love this, great find Dave!

Watched it completely through, an American treasure, and a fine display of American Folk Art. A man carving a stick, influenced by his local surroundings in nature. I am in awe of the patience a person must possess to create this.

I have a question, why the glue on the eyes and ears early on in the process?

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59 minutes ago, Gene Howe said:

Here ya go, Dave. No sammich, though.

Gotta' start working on our Aussie...she's pretty smart, but doesn't like to give up things she has even for a treat.

Tri-colors are absolutely beautiful animals but way out of my budget...Just saw some tri-pups for sale...$1000 for males, $1200 for females.

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Gene it wasn't the tool that did the carving, it was the bits.. The Dremel is no different than what he was holding in his hand.

 John he was preventing from having problems later for those pieces were very small so he was strengthening the wood. What he did was save having to look for those small pieces down there on the ground and glue them back in place.

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