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Wednesday's Wisdom For Woodturners January 2, 2019

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A brand new year! Now I have to remember to use 2019 when I write a check.


Make sure you check the Raffle results to see if you were one of the winners!!!


Our Patriot Turners-

@Gerald posted an update on his new off-center chuck-



@DAB solved a problem we have all seen with those "leaky" salt and pepper grinders-



He also included a how to in his post-



@smitty10101 posted a question concerning how to safely turn a serving platter. His request spawned a great discussion that included some alternative procedures-



@Woodbutcherbynight also asked a question about creating an adjustment wheel. Again, our turners came through with a lot of great ideas and suggestions.



Check out his post and see if you can add to the discussion-




What’s Coming Up-






For The Newbies-

Mike Peace posted a video that covers an often overlooked part of lathe maintenance- keeping the Morris Tapers clean. Mike shows various bought and shop made "tools" for this process-




Expand Your Horizons-

Tim Yoder has a new 2 part video on creating all wood, captive ring goblets. Tim's approach is always entertaining and informative. Check out the Easy Wood Hollower and the Easy Wood Chuck ( @Jim from Easy Wood Tools ) as Tim creates this gorgeous piece.


Part 2 of the video is linked from Tim's YouTube page.




New Turning Items-

About a month ago, I purchased a variety of Wonder Weave from Woodturners Wonders. I wanted to compare these sanding sheets to the Abranet sheets I had been using. The sheets I purchased ranged from 60 grit to 400 grit. I also purchased a sample pack of 3" discs.





I have had an opportunity to use these products and I am very pleased with the results.


First, as you can see from the above images, these items have different colors for each grit and the backs are in light colored velcro. Both of these characteristic makes identification quick and easy. The Abranet products are almost all the same color and the backs are very dark making the printed grit identifiers very hard to read. 


Another thing I like about these products is that they are a little more flexible than the Abranet- especially the courser grits. This allows easier sanding of finer details on a turning. I think the flexibility comes from a different construction technique. The Abranet substrate looks similar to expanded metal screen then the abrasive is attached to the substrate-



However the Wonder Weave substrate is more like long filaments with the abrasive attached-




The Wonder Weave, like Abranet, doesn't load up like sandpaper and is easily cleaned with just a few taps to shake loose the dust. The Wonder Weave lasts as long, or longer, as the Abranet with the sanding I have done.


I was buying Abranet from a sanding supplier near here. Their price is $8 - $9 for 10 sheets. The Wonder Weave is $4 for 8 sheets from Woodturners Wonders- a nice savings! 


Here's the bowl I've been using as a testing vehicle. The outside sanded to 600 grit. Each sanding consisted of sheet sanding with a grit then the same grit of sanding disc using an inertia sander. For the last pass, I went from 400 grit sheet/disc to 600 grit disc.




The inside of the bowl has only been sanded with 60 grit at this point.




I will be buying all my lathe sanding supplies from Woodturners Wonders from here on. Give them a try and check out their other products- https://woodturnerswonders.com/




Everything Else-

If you haven't noticed, @John Morris has added a link to in the Woodturner's Forum that directs you to our forum's archives-

https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/forums/forum/5-wood-turning-archives/. A trip down memory lane!



Carl Jacobson has tried yet another way to dry partially turned bowl blanks and he is having good success with it. Check out this video- it seems faster than shavings in a bag.




Safe turning







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Got the blank glued up and squared to correct dimensions for the crank wheel.  No time to get on the lathe tonight.  Still working on the lock mechanism for the door.  May have finally got somewhere.




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Thanks for the review on Wonderweave Lew. Never would have thought of rice to dry a bowl.

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Good job Lew! I have tried the wonder as well and it seems to be a good product at a good price.



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@DAB Beautiful! 


@Woodbutcherbynight That's gonna make a fantastic handwheel!


@Gerald Thank You!


@HandyDan Thanks!


@Steve Krumanaker Thank You!

Edited by lew

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On ‎1‎/‎4‎/‎2019 at 8:43 AM, lew said:

That's gonna make a fantastic handwheel!

Came out pretty good.  


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