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I have a Bosch 1604 my Dad gave me that I wish to use for a mini router table.  My plan is to leave a roundover bit all set up to use when needed.  In making my mock up I realized that the limiter appears to be built into the body of the router.  So if  I removed, as in grind it flat, this would allow me to extend the router shaft above the table far enough to do above table bit changes.


My question, anyone taken one of these apart?  Is something important below this I should not be screwing with?  Here are a couple of pics with the arrow on the yellow tape pointing out the nub in question.  Also model # and other info in case that matters.





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5 hours ago, Woodbutcherbynight said:

I realized that the limiter appears to be built into the body of the router.

that is not a limiter..

it's the depth control stop...

so why not take the easy way and invert the router (right side/end up) instead ... make an overhead router out of it..

fence, on/off, depth control, better dust collection, no modifications all at once..

you weld...

mount the router to a heavy duty gusseted right angle plate or the ilk..

or two of theses framing brackets inverted to what you see connected w/ a plate for the router..




mount the router w/ angle bracket to a slotted angle plate for some serious height adjusting..




take it several steps further and mount the router to an adjustable angle plate..



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So instead of using the plate screws to mount to the top of the table I could used a L bracket assembly to hold the motor.  Ditching the plate means no depth stop in the way and I could bring the bit all the way to the top.  This is what I have so far in the mock up.  The drawer is set in size as show.  But the inner workings are all still in mock up stage.




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Okay made a sled to move up and down, secured router with no modifications.  Now to lock the router sled in place I need to put a through bolt from the sled through the cabinet side out the front with a 1/4 20 bolt and a knob.  The center would be okay but the switch would be very close.  And issues moving the bolt off center to the marked spot with a ? mark?





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