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Fundraiser for a friend

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So i get a message from a friend last night, a friend of theirs (i don't know the affected family) had their house burn to the ground.  not sure about insurance status.  but they asked if i could make something, or several somethings, for a fundraiser for the affected family.  likely sometime in Jan. next year.


well, with that kind of lead time, it's doable, as I normally don't stock a lot of lumber in my shop, i only buy what i need for the next planned project, but i always have a few leftover pieces and parts laying around until they get tossed or used up on smaller projects (like little bowls).


so the question is two fold:  what type of projects would appeal to others with cash in hand?  and more deeply, why not just donate to the family directly and leave me out of the loop? (or ask me for cash directly).


when i give to various charities, i do so because i believe that what they do is worthwhile and i want to contribute to what they are doing for others.  i don't expect to get a table, cutting board, bowl, doorstop in return.



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i've made several things for them previously, all gifts to them (one box for their pet remains, one box for an uncle's remains, and one bowl for Christmas gift), but those items all had a purpose and known recipient.


making something for an unknown recipient is not something i do very often.  and then how do i assign a suggested value to it?


might make a pair of bowls and some small boxes sounds like good advice too.  thanks.

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If it is for  fundraiser, probably the items will be sold to the public. Around here, kitchen items and primitives seem to sell the best. I'm not an artist so the rustic/primitive stuff is not something I do.


Fruit bowls, salad bowls, rolling pins, coffee scoops, honey dippers, garden dibbles are all nice turned items. Trivets are nice, too.

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3 minutes ago, HandyDan said:


I'm thinking they are usually an auction and then you don't worry about a value.  Everyone likes a nice mantel clock.

Exactly, or? Dab, cash of course is good, but a craft that cost perhaps 20 or 30 bucks in material, could auction for hundreds plus more depending on the venue. 

Your time obviously does not factor in, as it's volunteered. Just a thought.

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around here, i have 2 main sources of hardwood:  pay premium prices at the local HD, or hike down to ABQ (60 miles away) to visit the moderately priced hardwood place.


lumber, either way, is not cheap.  the more complicated an item is (like a mantle clock, which i've never done), the more shop time (my time) will be involved.  and the amount of time put in rarely directly translates to a realized price at the back end.  "oh, that's nice, how about $40?"  "ma'am, the lumber alone was $60"

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My experience in these type of endeavors is, it's not much about the object or actual value, it's simply about the caring and helping those impacted by the disaster. Most often, in either an open or silent auction those participating will give far more for an item(s) than it is worth cash value wise.


Most often the recipients (like us all) are reluctant to take a simple cash hand-out but are more open to accepting money from a charitable type event. They just appreciate the fact people understand the situation and are willing to help. Goes with the old saying "people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." Even if they have insurance, there are always significant expenses in the interim and most don't have 100% replacement value on every item they possess so depreciation takes a bite. Just my $.02...YMMV


As for the suggestions of types of projects, in addition to items already mentioned, cutting boards, trivets, rolling pins, wall plaques etc. Again from my experience, the kind of items popular at flea markets, craft shows, home stores etc. for the locale.

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