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Wednesday's Wisdom For Woodturners December 12, 2018

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OK, gang, the Bassett family needs to have a super Christmas this year. We are barely over half way to our goal for providing them with a Christmas to remember. Our site has pledged $1500 for the family so let's not make @John Morris have to give up all of his lunch money to make up the difference. Please see this post for more information-




Our Patriot Turners-


Member @DuckSoup gave us a heads up on a lathe chuck recall from PSI.



Here is a link to the information about the recall- 



Big thanks for the information!



@hawkeye10 posted a question on how to hold a piece while turning. To me, this is a very frustrating part of lathe work. Some pieces seem to defy a good way to securely and safely hold the work. Please check out his post and offer up any suggestions you might have-



In last week's "Wednesday's...", member @DAB posted a couple of fantastic segmented bowls he had turned-



 The color combinations really go nicely with the counter top!




What’s Coming Up-

Oregon Woodturning Symposium


Linn County Expo Center
3700 Knox Butte Rd E
Albany, Oregon  97322
United States


3/15/2019 to 3/17/2019


More information can be found at their website-





For The Newbies-

New turners usually start turning "spindle" type object. It is a great way to learn to use the tools and the techniques of turning. When you want to explore other types of turnings, many try their hand at turning a bowl. Tim Yoder has a nice video on creating the basic bowl. Tim's videos are always interesting and informative.





Expand Your Horizons-

Carl Jacobson creates a beautiful hollow "natural edge" christmas ornament. 


Notice his use of the Easy Wood Tools hollowing tools ( @Jim from Easy Wood Tools )!



New Turning Items-

A couple of weeks ago, we featured a new hollowing system/tool from Tim Yoder. Tim has added a laser guide for that tool. 



More information is available at- http://wtwtim.com/elbotoolaccessories.htm



Everything Else-

Rick Turns posted his summary of woodturning videos for November-


If you check out Rick's list, please leave a note thanking him for his hard work.



The Woodturning OnLine newsletter came this past week. A timely project was turning a snowman.



The tutorial can be downloaded at- http://www.dmwoodturners.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/snowman_plans.pdf


The entire newsletter is at- https://www.woodturningonline.com/



Life here has resembled a fusion of the Marx Brothers' movie "Monkey Business" and the W.C. Fields movie "It's a Gift". The only shop time I had was to replace the lathe drive belt-








I have a pen to turn for a Christmas present and I have yet to try the new Wonder Weave sandpaper. Maybe this coming week.




Safe turning

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Nice job Lew. I always enjoy Tim's videos.



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Great job Lew. Hope to get Christmas wrapped in the next week and then on to really fun stuff like Beads Of Courage Bowls. By the way I think I know what I am getting for Christmas I hope Ron Browns Off center turning jig.

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Thanks Lew.  I went to find this years Ornament challenge and found Carl and Allen changed it up this year to sending a picture and not a video.  Too bad.  I liked watching the videos.  I really liked Carl's video making the natural edge ornament.  Thanks for posting it.

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Sorry, just getting back here to thank everyone for the responses-


@Steve Krumanaker Thank You. Tim really has a way of teaching and making it fun at the same time!


@Gerald Thanks! I see you got your wish on the offset jig! Looking forward to seeing it in action!


@HandyDan Thank You! I thought Carl's ornament was really cool, especially with the star inside.

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