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steven newman

Time to put it away

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Last of the grooves, and tongues are done...time to put this old plane away...


Don't quite fit?   Well, IF I tear it down a bit, and start stacking parts..


Put the cutters back into the two slots..straight cutters in the back row.   There is a 3/16" Match cutter, a sash cutter, a 1/4" match cutter, and a whole herd of bead cutters..


The Support Staff.   Fence, sliding stock, cam, and both sets of rods.  spare spurs, screwdrivers, and a couple extra cutters.  One of the cutters is too small to stash in with the rest of the straight cutters.   Then I can stash the main event..


Has to slip in here, just so...IF I want the next item...


Mainly, close the lid, and latch it shut.    Until needed again.   Keeps it dust free.



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