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Other than the Shopsmiths that use belts specifically for those machines, my only other belted machine is the shop built "Flat Sander". It had a v belt that wore out. I replaced it with a link belt. It has been working great and has lasted longer than the v belt did. And, it's a great deal quieter, too. 

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My DP has premium power transmission V belts (Gates POWERATED brand) on it now, and it's not as smooth as I want. I've used a link belt in the past on a cabinet saw and it really was a step up in smooth operation. The belts I have were installed a couple of years ago, and i don't use the DP that often, so it's not that big a deal. But I would like to see it run more smoothly.

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7 hours ago, CharlieL said:

I've got to ask why ? 

Link belts were made to replace broken belts in a situation where "quick" access to the right belt is limited.  Good belts run smoothly and and last a long time.  When they get old they should be replaced as with most things.  Link belts rarely if ever are used as OEM.  I feel there is a reason for that.  Not trying to change anyone's mind.  Just my opinion.

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27 minutes ago, Kevin Beitz said:

I have lots of experience with link belts. 

I dislike the plastic stuff. 

Just run a tape measure around your pulleys and 

buy a few inches longer. It's easy to remove a few links.

This is the best stuff you can buy... Supreme V-link belting.





Supreme V-link belting .jpg



Where do you get yours from??

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