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Wednesday's Wisdom For Woodturners October 3, 2018

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October already but the weather is more like early September. At least it isn't raining!


Please checkout @John Morris's announcement concerning the Easy Wood Tools ornaments. 


Let's all pitch in and help load up the Easy Wood Tools lobby Christmas tree! You don't have to be the most experienced turner to create some neat items for their tree. Here's a couple of really easy spindle type items-








Remember, you don't have to paint/decorate the turnings. @Jim from Easy Wood Tools told me they have volunteers who can do that.



Our Patriot Turners- 

@Jim from Easy Wood Tools has been honing his hollowing skills. Check out this beauty- his first attempt!




Jim posted his description here and received lots of positive feedback-



@Ron Altier has created another gorgeous ornament. Ron always finds creative ways to embellish his turnings.



He received lots of comments and Ron exposes his source for some of his materials-



@RustyFN posted a fantastic seam ripper he made as a gift.



Lots of interest in his technique and he answered questions about how he produced such an awesome finish-



We had a couple of questions this week.

@hawkeye10 asked about purchasing turning chisels. The group is pretty much split between the standard tools (gouges, etc.) and the newer carbide tools. Please head on over to Hawkeye's post and give him your insights and experiences.


Hawkeye also posted images of his newly cleaned/restored lathe. It sure is a beauty-



@Ron Altier asked about the cushioned micromesh sanding abrasives. Ron was curious about sanding speeds and what materials could be sanded with this product.

Check his post and the responses. If you have any tips or hints that will help him, please give him the information-



@Gerald posted two excellent videos on lathe maintenance. I know I need to do preventative maintenance more often.




From The Internet-

Our friends from Easy Wood Tools shared a video from Tracey Malady. In this one, she turns a bowl with an internal rim. You get to see the EWT hollowing tools in action!



On my old lathe, I had a honing wheel mounted to the "left" side of the headstock. It was really handy for honing tools during turning. Mike Peace demonstrates how to make one of these for sanding or honing-




Tim Yoder put up a video about turning a pumpkin. I'm sharing it here not so much for the project but for Tim's concern for safety when turning large pieces.




Everything Else-

I did get to spend a little time at the lathe. I'm working on the last two ornaments to send to Jim Luley for the EWT Christmas tree.








The first one is made from a piece of spalted maple. The "finials' are also maple but ebonized with india ink. The second one is from a blank I glued up a while back that was intended for salt/pepper grinders but that never happened. It's a combination of walnut, maple and cherry. I used a jig designed by Mr. David Reed Smith to create the balls. Everything was completely turned with Easy Wood Tools.


Safe Turning

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