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The Patriot Woodworkers with Operation Ward 57 Adopt a Wounded Warrior Family for the Holidays - 2019 project is live, please click on link to view our very special annual project.

John Morris

MWTCA September 2018 'What's It' Project

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"What's It" Basic Rules Reminder


(For a full run down on this project and rules please go to: "The Patriot Woodworker and MWTCA "What's It" project")

  • Only Patriot Woodworker Members are eligible to participate and receive the award.
  • The MWTCA only accepts a verified source to support your answer, so one should be submitted with your answer, such as a patent, catalog entry, tool book reference, or a respectable website on the subject. Do not let these requirements prevent you from having fun and submitting educated answers on the subject without verification, we can worry about references later. All answers are welcome, as well as healthy debates regarding "What's It".
  • If a verified and referenced answer is not arrived at by the end of each month's "What's It" project, a random draw will be performed for a "One Year MWTCA Club Membership".
  • Only Patriot Woodworker's who participate in this "What's It" topic will be included in the random draw.


Ok ladies and gentlemen, we now have our September "What's it" live and ready!

The image(s) below is a MWTCA "What's It" image for you to research, and tell us all here in this topic post, just what the heck is it!


Project details

The information provided hereon is all the information that is provided, no further information on this item will be added.

Remember, "What's It" is not always woodworking related!





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@HandyDan Brake Shoe Hold Down Spring Washer Tool answer was submitted and accepted by the MWTCA. Great job Dan!


Rob Hartman of the MWTCA What's It review panel, gladly accepted Dan's answer and stated he'll pass the solved mystery on to the original owner of this tool.



Dan, for your effort you have won a Calendar Year membership into the MWTCA, meaning now, at this time of the year, your membership will be applied from now, all through next year to the end of 2019. Please shoot me your contact info Dan, shipping address, spouse name.


Thank you all for your participation!



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