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Calendar for New Pc

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Working on setting up my new PC (Windows 10).  The one piece that I've not gotten yet is a calendar program.   The one I currently use (Efficient Calendar) works well but since I bought it in 2012, it's not taking my old 32-digit registration code (sent inquiry to company).   I see Win10 has a built-in calendar.


Besides the normal personal stuff, I use it to keep pending work orders.   A new work order contact information gets cut and pasted into "tasks," then we I reach them and set the appointment, copied into a date and time.  I can set a reminder minutes, hours, days or weeks ahead of time.   The information normally has name, address, phone and a one-line description of the job.   I don't see any way to do this with Win10 calendar (the task part).   


I carry my laptop with me so web-based calendars won't work when I'm en route and need to look up their address or phone.  And I have a flip-phone, so iPhone or Android apps won't apply.


Anyone use a calendar program that they could suggest that will meet my minimal needs?   Also dread the thought of copying over all the birthday, anniversary, and other personal appointment stuff that happens on a recurring basis.

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I have to agree with lew. The Outlook calendar will fit the bill. However, you have to own the Microsoft Office Suite, or rent Office 360 from Microsoft. Unfortunately, Open Office does not have an integrated email/calendar program. So, you are left with only two choices MS or a third party program.


The real bummer is, that, you already own the third party software and MS OS 10 WILL NOT support/allow you to use it with THEIR OS on your new computer.


As for the registration key; either it was only good for one computer (and will not load on another) or OS 10 is not allowing it to be used. I searched for "Efficient Calendar" and found a freeware version...however, it is not compatible with anything higher than OS 8. So, if this is what you are using, forget the KEY, the software just won't work.


The worse mistake I made was upgrading my computers to OS 10 when they hyped the free upload. I had several third party software (that I paid good money for...) and equipment that would not function or load onto the OS 10 platform. When my motherboard died and I built another computer, it was loaded with OS 8.1 installed instead of OS 10. All of a sudden my software and peripherals that wouldn't function with OS 10 loaded and ran with OS 8.1.


Unfortunately, this brave new world is dominated by MS. If your not using their products they will make sure that other non-MS products won't work.

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I used to use Google Calendar. You might check it out to see if it will do what you need. The biggest downfall is that it is web based so you need Internet connectivity to use it. The plus to that is the ability to sync/view data across more than one computer/phone.

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On 8/22/2018 at 9:53 AM, lew said:

Another handy site for locating "alternative" software-



Thanks, lew.


Some interesting substitutes there. At least it gives you some alternate choices to some of the most common, buggy, bloated software that most people have been forced to accept.


One of the best moves I made a few years ago was to dump the MS media package for VLC...everyone I have recommended it to has been more than pleased and has passed those recommendations on to others.

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