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John Morris

Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! July 16, 2018

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How time flies when you're having fun. 

The Infinity corner dove tail spline jig has been assembled. Today's fun will be cutting the recesses in the case corners and making the splines.

Got an appointment in town today so, don't know exactly how much fun I'll actually have. Time will tell.

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15 minutes ago, HandyDan said:

Still too hot to be outside.  Been messing around in the shop rearranging and reorganizing.  Not much happening quickly though.  Something catches my eye and off I go in a different direction.

Dan, I don't know what your problem.....hey, didja see that squirrel?:lol:

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I have been busy trying to get things wrapped up for our move to Bowling Green KY. as Tami and I will be flying back there on July 25th to meet up with our realtors for a few days to find a new home. I have done all of the repairs on the wood patio cover/balcony and am in the process of putting on some paint. I picked up a 5 gallon bucket of paint at Home Depot and some various painting supplies. I decided to try out one of the Wagoner electric paint sprayers to see if it would make things go faster than rolling it. I have used one before in the past with good results so I gave it a shot. Long story short, it was not a good thing. Not enough power and it kept clogging even with fresh paint. I sprayed for about 10 minutes and got terrible results. So I decide to take it back to Home Depot and I started to take it apart and then something went "POP" and it pooped out about a cup full of paint and went all over the place including on the air hose. Fortunately I did this all on a plastic tarp so no paint on the patio. I then spent an hour trying to clean off the paint from the hose and sprayer and put it all back in the box to see if Home Depot will refund my $$. I will be rolling the paint today.

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First a Lost Weekend.....then a Monday from...


Troubles getting the finger poked, to draw a blood sample.....4th time worked.   Drove the Boss on her Monday Road Trip...almost didn't make it....white smoke from under the hood.     When I finally was able to pour more into the radiator....it just peed on the ground....$75 to have it towed home....and to the Garage to be worked on...when they get time.    Did manage to pick up a bottle of glue, and some knobs....about the only "bright" spot  for a Monday.     Hoping they fix the van soon, hate to hitch hike to Columbus,OH..twice each way...may see IF the Veterans downtown can provide a ride...at least one day...


No sawdust was endangered, today...

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Day late & dollar short, but none-the-less...finally got the mower back together and some mowing done yesterday between rains; kiddos are on their way back from Tupper Lake, N.Y.; left Syracuse ~1 EST today...plan to stay West of Erie, PA tonight, then will be back home tomorrow PM...no doubt a lot of laundry will accompany them, but sounds like the trip went pretty well for which we're thankful.


Met my brother for lunch today...hit a flea market...nadda...stopped at Rural King for coffee, bird seed, lawn-mower belts and mosquito repellent...will resume mowing in a bit. Lot's of yard work to accomplish before tropical jungle weather returns late in the week. Seems I too suffer from the same affliction @HandyDan experiences.................................I'm back,sorry got side-tracked for a moment:rolleyes:

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