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Wednesday's Wisdom for Woodturners July 11, 2018

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"It was another "Mom" day for me. Errands, appointments and making sure she ate a good supper.



Our Patriot Turners-

@PostalTom Is having a problem this the brass pen tubes coming out when he is squaring the blank ends.


Check out his post and if you have any suggestions, please help him out!




@Ron Altier created a beautiful new ornament from scraps. His glue-up was sure to reveal a beauty of a turning-



Ron started my showing us what he had to work with-


And as usual, we were not disappointed with his creativity-









Ron didn't stop here! He also made this gorgeous piece-



Ron's description is in this post-






Last week @Gerald told us about a platter he was turning. He added the finish and the results are fantastic-



Gerald added more to his original post about his finishing technique-






@Billy B posted the most awesome Navajo Wedding Basket. I cannot imagine the patience it must take to create such a magnificent work of art-



Please head over to Billy's post and share your kudos with him-






@oldwoodie posted a nice tip for sealing up that free wood for which we are always searching. His procedure is at-





What’s Coming Up-

The Virginia Woodturners are hosting their symposium at Fishersville, VA on November 3 & 4. Here's a link to their site and registration information-





From The Internet-

The American Association of Woodturners recently held their symposium in Oregon. Pretty long trip for many of us. Thanks to Woodcraft and Woodcraftmarketing, we can get a good look at some of the magnificent turnings that were on display-






Everything Else-

By now you probably have noticed the new "Home Page" for the Patriot site. @John Morris has been working hard to keep our site modern and fresh. As you watch the various forum images scroll across the top of the page, you can click on them to go to that forum. You and also click on the "Forums" link at the top center of the home page to go to the general forums page.



Safe turning


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