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Scrap Ornament Finished

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 I think it is a challenge to make these things and also a surprise when I turn down to a different wood. I can't plan a design I just to go with what I have. I laugh sometimes and sometimes something special happens. Of course there are some that end up in my waste bin too. (You won't see pictures of them:P)


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glue up procedure


I mainly go by color and grain contrast. I match up what I think looks good out of the available pieces. I glue the larger pieces and then square them on on the table saw. I use clamps to hold them to the miter. Too close for my fingers. Then I lay what I have on my table and look at the possible combinations. Then I go back to step one and assemble more. Sometimes I push them aside and do other things and when I return, other ideas pop in. Keeping things straight, Color perception , clean cuts, keeping everything square for good glue ups is the key.  The biggest thing of all............you must enjoy what you do.

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