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Ron Altier

Smoke Detecters

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I replaced all smoke alarms (5) in the house with new ones that have a 10 year battery in them. After 10 years the whole detecter should be replaced anyway due to smoke sensor life. I got all 5 at Home Depot for less than $100. Battery replacement for 5 smoke detecters each year for 10 years is about $100 too. Super easy to install. But now I no longer have to mess with them for 10 YEARS

You may be thinking, why 5. There were that many when we moved in here and are probably code. Like the 8 or 10 sewer vents that are required and on the roof of each house here. 


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when the original smoke detectors in my house started going bad i bought a box of all alike at one of the big box stores and replaced them as needed (just did one last week).   They are not only hard-wired in, but the basement, first floor, and 2nd floor are wired together - so if one goes off, they all go off.  I have another one in the garage which should have been hardwired into the others, but i don't think the electrician ran the extra wire.   I have always had propane (gas) and CO detectors in the house since i use propane for stove, dryer, water, and furnace.   Had to buy the originals from a covered wagon place as none of the box stores had them in stock the the first ones came from Canada.  I have also added one of the photo-electric models upstairs outside the bedrooms as an extra JIC.


Good move on replacing them although i question the 10 year business myself (even on the ones I bought).

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