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Steve Krumanaker

Giving Credit Where It's Due.

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6 minutes ago, Gene Howe said:

Those kudos are well deserved. Good on them guys.



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1 hour ago, lew said:

Super. I didn't realize retailers kept receipts. 

I don't know of any other that does. At Menards there is a kiosk just inside the entrance. It's self help and you can find the receipts yourself. Pretty amazing I think.



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I had the same brand in 2010 with a crack from the flushing lever down to the bottom...but didn't crack above the crank hole......Never even thought something like that would have any kind of a guarantee so we got another and forgot about it. Wife decided to make a flower pot out of it but I threw it away.. It was 10 years old but we had been gone to Colo for 3 months during the summer and we turned off the air conditioning and all the electricity.. It must have cracked starting of the third month cause the first two months the water bill was for the minimum and the third month was for 1280.00. I went and talked to them and told the people all the water ran right back in to the lake after it flooded the house so they still had it to charge for again but the charges stayed the same..

  I figure the inside of the house probably got to 140 or more  some days when 100 degree readings was a record for the most continuous days in a row ever recorded. The other times we were gone for any length of time I set the thermometer on 85 and paid the bills.  At least that lesson will never be forgotten.

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