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Al B

What To Do With My Tools ?

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OK Al, I've sat back on this topic but watched closely. I knew you would come to the right decision with proper (and even off topic:P) input.  I was afraid my input might sound like I was scolding and didn't want to do that...well unless I had to.:lol:

It has been a hard, long winter which made things even more difficult than normal. Sometimes once we can get outdoors and can actually do something we begin to feel better; yeah we still may hurt some, but it feels better knowing we did something.

Glad to hear you got the wood-chipper too. Technically that will be woodworking:D


I liked @Ol Buck's idea of making Bluebird houses too...some tips on those...the entry hole has to be almost exact in size (1-1/2" dia)...slightly larger is OK, but not much...make sure at least one side or top or bottom is hinged to clean them out. They expect a clean nesting box each season once the young has been raised. They are very particular on these two points...also very territorial birds so don't space them too closely...link below takes you to a great set of free PDF plans...good luck and happy building and chipping this summer...Call anytime you need/want to talk too! Things are looking up already!:)


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Al they are your tools and can do as you see fit but.....If you make a list of what you think things should sell for then that puts the pressure on your daughter....and not being exactly fair to her.  And like some I have know will spend  way more of her time trying trying to get what it is you wanted out of your junk, or as you might think, you valued treasures... It would be much easier on her to hire an auctioneer cause every thing would be gone in a day or at least two... And besides you wouldn't know or care after you are gone anyway.

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  • I guess as the years pile on, we find ourselves spending less time in the shop and thoughts of selling tools that we haven't used for a long time come into play. I've been having these thoughts myself, but still have a hard time making the decision to sell. Still, at 88, I know I'm spending less time in the shop, and the desire to be there has diminished  a bit.  With a lot less energy and arthritic pains, it make getting into the shop more of a chore than the pleasure it has been. Maybe I should sell the tools, buy myself a 60"TV and just take life easy.    :OldManSmiley:
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