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Ohh The Heart Break Of That Fickle Road Side Wood

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  Or the stupidity in trying to use it.

I don't know which but it sure bit me in the Keaster today

I spied a marvelously lovely tree that the storm crews  took down on the road side

Maple lots of black flecks interesting grain  just lovely.


 So I did what any  turner might do I went and got a hunk.  A HONKIN HUGE HUNK

It required a 4 sheave block and tackle and a ramp to get the piece in my truck.

Was all I could do to tip the thing over even with a 5 foot peavy.

Well I trimmed it up and  with my saw and the thing had nails and wire in it.

Like a fool I persevered telling myself that it'd be character.

One $100  carbide tipped chain saw blade later I have it on the lathe.

Apparently they used to use high carbon heat treated steel for barbed wire.

I tell myself it's OK coz I  got a Diamond wheel for my chain saw sharpener.

The cost of  beauty.

I start peeling off waste and hit the barbed wire.   I chisel out as much as I can.  It's no good.

I try to saw it off with the chain saw.  IT's no good.

They had been wrapping wire around that tree since it was maybe 6" in diameter.

 I gotta get a metal detector.

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One of the Ash trees the I had to take down a couple years ago was used over the years buy the kids for a tree house.  They used 10 nails in each step and must have replaced the steps a half dozen times.  There are two 10 foot lengths laying on the edge of the woods rotting away and I felt lucky to get the tree down and those two pieces cut.  I had to stop and sharpen the blade many times until I found a spot where the saw would go through.

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