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sanding belts & titebond


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Never used Titebond Buck but I have used Reinforced Strapping Tape on the inside (which some belt manufacturers also use). This tape is similar to clear shipping tape, but heavier and contains nylon or fiber-glass threads running through it. Generally it has been for my 3"x21" hand held sander, but have repaired some for my 1"x30" and 4"x36" bench-top sanders.


You'll want at least the 18mm (3/4") wide although wider is better especially for 3" and up belts. Wally World Mart usually carries it, but so do many of the big box stores.

- Clean the old tape residue off using some Mineral Spirits, Acetone, Lacquer Thinner, or 90% Rubbing Alcohol

- Align the ends by butting the seams together; be sure the belt does not overlap unless the belt was made with overlapping seams.

- I've used both spray type or  contact cement from a tube on the back side of the belt at the seam ends equal to the tape width. Allow a few minutes to tack up;

- Apply your tape across the seam being sure no air bubbles are trapped in the tape; go back over the taped seam with a dowel or small block of wood with rounded corner to firmly seat the tape.

- Using pieces of scrap wood on each side, clamp at the seam. I use quick clamps. Allow 12-24 hours for the contact cement to cure.

- Should be good to go.

- Couple of You-tube videos below that give you the general idea. Closest I could find for what I do.


Click here>3M Reinforced Strapping Tape





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won't work...

not strong enough and it can't handle the heat...


wouldn't bother...

not worth the effort...

re-purpose them...


there's volumes here on this subject...



if you really have to..

First, peel the remaining factory tape off the belt splice. Cut a piece of cloth bias tape (wide single-fold type, available at fabric stores) about 2″ longer than the width of the belt. Lay one end of the belt, grit-side down, on the bench; then apply cyanoacrylate glue to the end of the belt. Lay half of the bias tape’s width on the glue, place waxed paper over the tape, and use a weight to press down on it for about 30 seconds, or until the glue sets. Wrap the belt around and repeat the gluing process to reconnect the ends of the belt. Trim off the excess tape, and the belt’s ready to use.

the manufacturer uses heat press (vulcanization process) set kevlar tape/glue and the belts have a one year shelf life..

.Klingspor FAQ page

AccuBind Pro Binding Strips will work but you need a 250 - 300 degree heated press (carpet seaming iron?) to apply them correctly and their price will hurt your brain...

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